Davenport, Iowa


Shannon Weidemann

$38 Million Birth Injury Verdict

A jury in Connecticut awarded a family $38 Million after deciding a doctor was liable for their child’s cerebral palsy. It is believed to be one of the largest medical malpractive verdicts. Cerebral palsy can be a birth injury when a baby goes too long without oxygen. Attorney’s for the plantiff argued that the doctor waited far too long to perform a c-section. “The first baby was born at…

Shannon Weidemann

$3.7 Awarded in Indiana Cerebral Palsy Case

A child was born in 2001 via c-section and is now suffering from cerebral palsy. Her family believes it was a lack of oxygen during birth and that doctors were too slow in her delivery. A jury in Indiana agreed and awarded them $3.7 Million in the medical malpractice case. Indiana limits medical malpractice awards, so the judgment on the three claims will be reduced to just under $2 million,…